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How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

  • Outdoor string lights add instant ambience to any porch, deck or yard, allowing you to extend summer evenings into the night. But figuring out the easiest, safest, strongest, and most aesthetically pleasing way to hang can be tricky.

    What should you use to hang outdoor string lights?

    You can use "cup hooks, guide wires or cable ties, they are easy to install; if you have enough hands, you don't even need to pre-drill them. They also look better than angled nails or screws. Some even have A small clip, such as a carabiner, will hold the wire and make it easier to hang the light from the porch ceiling, something you can't do with nails or screws. Plus, the small thread won't leave a big hole after you remove the hook .Just make sure to mount them on a sturdy surface and give them a nice tug to keep them safe.

    Where to hang outdoor string lights

    In a small space, you may not have many options for placing your lights. But if you have some flexibility, different points are best for different purposes, such as adding functional lighting, defining a space, or simply improving the aesthetic. Running lights between two posts or trees are a popular and good-looking option. If you go that route, consider string light hanging kits. What these kits do is, they pull a wire taut between two posts from which you can then hang the lights. It eliminates the need for fiber optic cables Pressure, is an effective way to maintain the proper slope without stretching and dragging the line. To keep the strands together over long distances, use electrical tape to secure the plug connections.

    How to Evenly Distribute String Lights

    One of the most frustrating parts of hanging string lights is finding out halfway through that you don't have enough lights to do the job. To avoid this, it is advisable to use a fishing line or rope to map out the area you want to hang the light on, do whatever style you want to do with the dip and enough rope to reach your outlet, then measure the one with a ruler or tape measure rope. You can hang all the hooks or hangers at once and turn on the lights, which is a faster method.

    How to Safely Hang Outdoor String Lights

    Today's custom outdoor string lights tend not to emit enough heat to start a fire, but don't wrap anything around the wires or hang anything else over the wires that could weaken the wires over time. (All of the light strings we recommend come with holes or hooks so you don't have to use the cord itself as a hanger.) The instructions that came with the lights should tell you how many strands you can attach - so don't exceed this number, and make sure The light is plugged into a ground fault interrupter (GFCI) outlet.