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How Many Lights Can I String Together?

  • String lights are perfect for Christmas or just for decorating your outdoor space on a budget. However, when it comes to installing string lights, many homeowners have questions about how many they can install. Interested in knowing how many strings of lights can be connected together? Keep reading below!


    How many string lights can you connect together



    When connecting any type of string lights, there are several factors to look at first.


    Type of Light

    The type of light you choose to use can play an important role in how many strands you can safely connect together. For example, incandescent lights are cheaper and therefore a favorite for budget-friendly homes. However, they typically have a higher wattage, with an average of 5-10 watts per strand. LEDs, on the other hand, typically cost more up front, but they have a much lower wattage of about 2-3 watts per strand.



    The circuit you plug your lights into also plays an important role in how many you can connect. Is it in a safe, dry place? Has it been checked by an electrician for electrical problems? Make sure the socket you are using is safe before connecting the light strings.


    Power Cord Specifications

    Something else to consider is the wire gauge on the string light package. It should provide you with some information about how many strings can be connected together. This can make your planning easier, but if you don't have the package or can't find the specs, then you can always calculate the maximum wattage and number of connections yourself. 


    Maximum Power

    To determine the maximum power of a circuit, you just need to do some simple math. Most homes have 15-20 amp circuits. In addition, they have an average voltage of 120 volts. To determine the maximum power of a circuit, all you have to do is multiply the amps by the volts.


    15 amp circuit: 15 x 120 = 1800 watts

    20 amp circuit: 20 x 120 = 2400 watts


    With these calculations, you can see that a 15-amp circuit can handle a maximum of 1800 watts, while a 20-amp circuit can handle 2400 watts. However, before you go any further, most electricians recommend that you keep your outlet usage to no more than 80%, so you don' t blow a fuse or cause a fire safety issue. So you're actually looking at 1440 watts for a 15-amp circuit and 1920 watts for a 20-amp circuit.

    Knowing these numbers, you can now determine how many strings of lights you can connect together.

    For the sake of argument (check all strings and manufacturer-specific wattages), assume that the average incandescent string uses 100 watts. If your circuit is 15 amps, this means you can only use a total of 1440 watts. 1440/100 = 14.4. Therefore, your circuit can only handle 14 incandescent strings connected together.

    On the other hand, if the average LED string set uses 10 watts, then 1440/10 = 144. This means that if they are LEDs, you can connect 144 strings together! This is much brighter than an incandescent lamp. 


    Asking for Help

    Still not sure how to determine how many strings you can connect? No problem! At Zhongshan Guochong Lighting Co., Ltd. we specialize in making stranded lights. Contact us today and we can help answer any questions you may have about connecting strings of lights for your home or business.


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