A Quick Guide to P-Shot PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

  • About 18 million men in the USA suffer erectile dysfunction (ED). It impacts their sexual life, self-esteem, and confidence. This health condition can be quickly addressed thanks to the latest medical technology. The p-shot PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction in Gilroy, CA, will improve the quality of your life. 


    • What is the P-Shot PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?


    The p-shot PRP therapy is an invasive solution to natural sexual enhancement. It has clinically proven beneficial to many patients suffering from erectile dysfunction around the globe. 


    PRP is an abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma, a nutrient and growth factor-rich element of blood. It utilizes the growth factor that is extracted from your blood sample. New tissue growth is stimulated within the penis, promoting erectile function recovery. 


    A professional will take a small amount of your blood during the process. They will then run it through a centrifuge machine at high speed to separate the concentrated platelets. It is then injected into your penile area with a tiny needle. 

    PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction is a natural and safe treatment. 


    • What are the Perks of P-Shot PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction? 


    The p-shot PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction in Gilroy, CA, offers tangible benefits. Let's explore these: 


    • Use Body's Healing Ability


    Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. This concept is employed to treat erectile dysfunction with PRP therapy. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your blood, thus making it safe and effective. It will stimulate cell regeneration without any risk or complication. 


    • Virtually Painless

    Before the p-shot PRP injection, the professional will apply an anesthetic cream to numb the area that requires to be treated. Thus, making it a virtually painless treatment.


    • A Quick Treatment with Virtually No Down Time


    For the p-shot PRP therapy, you don't need to adjust your schedule. It is performed in-office setting and is usually completed within an hour. You are not required to travel to a surgery center or hospital. After the treatment, you can resume your routine and even drive yourself home. 


    • Improves your Sexual Life


    The PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction will improve your stamina, libido, and sensation. It boosts the quality of your sexual life, confidence, and self-esteem. Some of the other perks it offers are:

    1. Long-lasting erections
    2. If along with erectile dysfunction, you have premature ejaculation, you will see an improvement after the P-shot PRP therapy.
    3. Increased erection length
    4. Stronger firmer erections
    5. Increased girth
    6. Improved and sometimes resolution of Peyronie's disease
    7. Improved blood flow to the penis, enhanced sensitivity, and heightened orgasm


    • Is P-Shot PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Safe? 


    The P-Shot PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction is safe for men and, unlike other treatments, doesn't have adverse side effects. As the injection is prepared from your own blood plasma, there is zero risk of unexpected side effects or allergic reactions. 


    Bottom Line


    PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction will assist in boosting your sexual performance. You don't need to undergo a knife, and there is little to no discomfort. It is a virtually painless treatment that doesn't require any downtime.