Top jewelry brands in China in 2023

  • In China, there are countless wholesale jewelry producers. With the aid of online B2B websites, you may locate and get in touch with them. Nowadays, a lot of retailers who wish to import wholesale jewelry from China use B2B websites as a helpful resource for finding high-quality products and building enduring business relationships with dependable suppliers. You can find more jewelry stores in china on the jewelry platform - Papaya Jewelry Marketplace

    XCE925 - Sell Silver Jewelry

    Founded in 1996, we are specializing in the design and manufacture of demi-fine and fashion jewelry. With tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry kinds, we have highly skilled silver and gold craftsmen to ensure both the quality and beauty of jewelry.

    We pledge to bring quality and innovation to every project we work on. To satisfy the unique needs of each business, we handle all the hard work from conception to completion, including design technology and extensive CAD/CAM services. We welcome OEM and ODM. XCE will realize your concept when you choose your preferred materials and submit a sample or sketch.

    Amourgems - Sell Gemstones

    AMOUR is synthetic stones brand, which was founded in 1990. We offer high-quality gemstone cutting, wholesale services as well as excellent after-services. We grew into a large international corporation in the international gems market after 30 years of development. We improve our technology, create new cutting processes, and focus on every detail. We believe that top-cutting craftsmanship is dedicated to the most discriminating buyers. We have served many international big brand jewelry and watch customers. AMOUR is committed to conducting all businesses with integrity and fairness to ensure that our operations are in harmony with government policies, and to enhance the contribution to sustainable development regarding economic, environmental, and social aspects. And AMOUR has always been actively cooperating with our customers to fit with the RJC certification, as well as the "Code of Practices" (CoP) and “Chain of Custody” (CoC).

    PrensentJewel - Sell Engagement Rings

    James, the founder of the brand, has been obsessed with handicrafts since childhood. He entered university in 2009 to study jewelry design and manufacturing, and has been working in jewelry design and jewelry making since graduation.
    In 2015, he set up his own jewelry studio in New York City and sold his handmade products on an e-commerce platform. After the platform started charging sellers 5%-6.5%, he had the idea to run his own website.

    Mydiydropshipping - Jewelry Dropshipping Business

    Your destination for buying wholesale and dropshipping high-end customized jewelry items. Anyone anywhere can start or expand their dropshipping business with MYDIY.

    YWSunnyJewelry - Sell small jewelry online

    Sunny Jewelry is an integrated company of research, production, and marketing that focuses on the development, production, and sales of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, brooches, and handmade jewelry. The corporation has its headquarters in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, and has a global outlook for long-term development.

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