Should I call An Oral Surgeon Or An Emergency Dentist

  • Teeth are a crucial part of our body. A healthy and strong set of teeth helps you show off a beautiful smile but also helps you maintain good overall health. The absence of single or multiple teeth can make everyday tasks such as chewing and speaking much more difficult.Ouch! You've found yourself with a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, but you are unsure what to do. You may need different types of care at different times if you're looking for immediate relief. It's time to start your search for an emergency dentist.

    If you've got more severe concerns like tooth extraction, chances are an oral surgeon can help you out. For example, a primary dentistry practice may help repair one problem like a chipped tooth. However, there are other situations, like you need dental surgery, which is only served by an oral surgeon.


     Let's take a look!


    Who Is An Oral Surgeon?

    An oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dental experts who specialize in committing surgery on a person's teeth, gums, and soft tissues in the mouth. They generally understand how to perform additional surgeries or treatments in other specialty areas, including otolaryngology, which is the treatment of the nose, throat, and ears, and plastic surgery to understand how treatments or conditions in different parts of the face and head interact with the oral cavity.

    Here are some reasons you may need to seek an oral surgeon!

    • Anesthesia

    • Craniofacial Surgery

    • Facial Cosmetic Surgery

    • Jaw and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Surgery

    • Oral Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Oral Surgeries

    • Implant Surgery

    • Corrective jaw surgery


    What Is An Emergency Dentist?

    An emergency dentist is a dental healthcare professional who may treat people needing immediate care. Some emergency dentists will see their patients within 24 hours to ensure oral health and protect their teeth, jaw, and gums. 


    Below Are Some Reasons Why Patients Seek Emergency Dentistry!

    • Loose Teeth

    • Severe Tooth Pain

    • Abscessed Teeth

    • Cracked Teeth

    • Knocked Out Teeth

    • Broken Teeth


    Education and Training


    • An Oral Surgeon:

    One of the crucial aspects to consider is their education. Where they went to school, their degrees, and ongoing training can significantly impact the quality of care they receive. 

    Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists. They train with medical residents and focus on studies in general surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, and otolaryngology (the study of the ear, nose, and throat), among other specialty fields. They have a minimum of four years of surgical education and training in a hospital-based residency program.


    • An Emergency Dentist: 

     Emergency dentists have to be licensed to practice dentistry. Dentists need to complete eight years of education and training. This happens even though they need post-dental school training in a medical residency program. A dentist practices general dentistry. They are responsible for restoring teeth, treating oral disease, and providing preventative care. In some states, dentists can also provide specialty care. 

    If you're suffering from an oral emergency that makes you feel like you're in pain and that there is no way to turn, look no further. You can easily find an emergency dentist in Palmdale CA. Regardless, if your situation is serious, you may need the expertise of an oral surgeon. You can find the right oral surgeon to handle your dental emergency faster than you think.