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    Our achievements include the highest number of best hospital for kidney transplant in bangalore , the best hospital for kidney treatment in bangalore in the last 20+ years.

    · It is the best treatment for male infertility and sexual and family problems.

    Complete treatment for kidney disease, and sexual and reproductive problems.

    · We are a team of highly qualified doctors.

    BKC is an award-winning team of nephrologists and urologists at BGS World Hospital in Bangalore.

    About us:

    BKC Health is a team of nephrologists and surgeons at BKC Hospital in Bangalore. Since 2012, BCS has been providing medical diagnostic services in the fields of nephrology, urology, kidney transplantation, and andrology. We specialize in medical, sexual, and family kidney issues. Our achievements include the highest number of kidney transplants in Karnataka in the last decade.

    Our departments:





    Urology Department:

    BKC is Bangalore’s premier hospital dealing with serious urological problems and management of diseases with serious complications and we achieve best urologist in karnataka for our work.

    Urology specialties include kidney transplantation, urology, laparoscopic surgery, urologic oncology, and reconstructive urology.

    Nephrology department:

    We have a team of dedicated nephrologists and kidney transplant specialists who diagnose and treat a wide range of kidney conditions.

    BKC Nephrology Department consists of nephrologists and kidney transplant specialists who have saved many lives with the help of highly specialized techniques.

    Andrology department:

    Andrology is a branch of urology that deals with diseases of the male reproductive system and problems with the urinary system in men. And we achieve best andrologist in bangalore , andrologist in bangalore for our work.

    As an integral part of urology, our team of specialists provides treatment for mild to severe conditions of the male genital organs.

    Kidney Transplant Department:

    BKC has successfully performed more than 650 kidney transplants, kidney treatment in karnataka and making it one of the leading kidney transplant centers in the State.

    * Our team of surgeons has achieved one of the highest success rates in the medical community with both living and deceased donor kidneys.

    *Depending on the origin of the donated organ, kidney transplants are divided into two categories: deceased and living donors.

    * Our BKC surgeons have extensive medical experience and an unparalleled success rate.

    * Our patients rely on BKC kidney transplants as state-of-the-art.

    Contact Us:

    BKC Hospital

    67, Uttarahalli Main Rd, Sunkalpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060