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How white label casino proves to be the best bet for a new casi

  • Online casino games are not limited to a select few players anymore. The market of casino has definitely become more mature and accommodating in recent times. So, now is the right time to enter the online casino market and make a mark for the self. If you have understood the importance of making a quick start, you may find the solution of white label casinos a correct choice. Let’s find all about the white label casinos.

    What is white label casino?

    A white label casino is a ready-to-launch product that is studded with all basic features required for a casino. The white label casino software provider makes this product fully customizable and allows the client to add, expand or remove features as per their requirement. It reduces the development time and provides the casino owner with a readymade solution that saves him the costs involved in developing a software from the scratch. The white label casino is like a primer on which any branded casino software can be built. So, it definitely is faster to market and becomes easier to maintain, too, when the development company takes up all the technical work and leaves the business to explore marketing opportunities.

    Features of a white label casino package

    When a new casino business decides to opt for a white label casino, it buys for itself a bouquet of advantages. All the features that make a complete casino package come together in a white label option. The main features to expect in a white label casino are:

    1.  More than 10,000+ titles from the market leaders

    The white label casino software provider offers the most trending titles from the leading providers. These titles are the most competitive too. Thus, the casino business aspirant saves the effort of sifting the titles from the heap and provides all the popular and affordable ones to the client. It helps in engaging the customers. There is an option of editing the games library too, wherein the client can remove some titles or add some more as per the requirement. Some of the most popular games providers white label casino developers team with are Evolution Gaming, Netent, BetSoft, Ezugi, Betradar, Golden Race, GGNetwork and others.

    1.  Localized features support

    White label casino software provider incorporates localized features like multiple currencies and multiple languages. It also includes several payment methods like bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard and others. Some providers have expertise in crypto casinos where transactions are done using Bitcoins.

    1.  Affiliate system

    Affiliate system is where the player introduces the app to friends and earns commission when the invitee joins the app with a referral code. This feature is quite useful for taking the app to wider audience and expand its user base.

    1.  Encrypted information storage

    The players are required to submit personal and financial details at the time of registering with the online casino application. They may find it safe to do so when their information is stored in an encrypted environment. With the help of sufficient encryption, the white label casino provider assists businesses in winning the trust of the customers.

    1.  Responsible gambling features

    A reputed and trustworthy casino provider is the one that promotes responsible gambling. The responsible gambling features are – arrangement for taking sabbatical from casino games, setting the deposit limit, etc. A white label casino software provider helps online casino owner adopt a responsible gambling approach by including such features in the site.

    1.  Exciting bonus system

    Bonuses and freebies are always welcome among the casino players. They may use this additional financial support in familiarizing with the casino environment or to postpone playing with real money till they attain perfection. Thus, the engagement factor of the online casino can be enhanced with the help of bonus system, which results in development of a loyal customer base.

    1.  Customer support and emailing system

    A lot of communication happens between the online casino and its end user, which becomes easier when the customer support feature is included in the white label casino package. Also, the casino may need to send automated emails and alerts to the customers to keep them updated of the latest news and other matters. By teaming with the best emailing solution, the white label casino package provider helps online casinos achieve the best customer experience.

    Advantages of the white label casino software

    The white label casino software is a comfort-laced concept that allows the new business owners to implement their ideas quickly. The quick-to-roll white label casino reduces development cost and allows the businesses to have a readymade solution in hand. The main advantages of using the white label casino software are:

    •  The development takes less time, which means the idea of running a casino is implemented faster and with fewer hassles.
    •  All the generic features are included in the package. Thus, the only challenge left to combat is to market the application and gain audience.
    •  The white label casino software offers flexibility of choice. It is possible to add or remove the features and add last-minute touches to make the software look alive and ready to serve.
    •  The best of the features are curated to develop the white label product. The developers do all the research and take up the technical side of running the online casino business. It helps businesses concentrate on implementing ideas instead of dealing with technical hassles.
    •  Customizable templates available in large numbers allow the business owners to research and pick the option that matches with their brand identity. The white label casino provider also offers technical support in the package, which eliminates the need to buy maintenance support separately.

    To sum up,

    The white label casino software is certainly a wise choice for a new online casino business entity. Inclusion of the most robust features and availability of technical support help the online casino become more available to the customers. There are minimal to nil downtimes that enhance gambling experience. Also, the customers are provided with umpteen choices of games with an exceptional quality onboarding support. So, to start sooner and in a sustainable manner, the new online casino businesses can think of opting for white label solution provider.