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Your Basic Guide in Sports Betting


    Sports betting can be overwhelming especially with the number you see on several cricket odds site. Sports betting is actually fun and thrilling sports especially if you have mastered the golden rules of your betting experience. Here are some of the basic terms used in sports betting:

    The odds 

    It shows the probability of a team to win. The odds basically calculates the amount of payout of the winning wagers and also predicts the outcome of the game. In higher odds, your chances of winning are low but grant higher payouts if you win. With lower odds, there is a great chance of winning but with lower payouts. Here are the three different formats usually used in most of the cricket odds sites

    • Moneyline/ American Odds

    • Decimal Odds

    • Fractional Odds


    It is the total amount of money wagered. It is usually paid to a bookmaker that keeps the stakes from losing wagers and returns them to winning wagers. At some sports betting sites like, you’ll have the chance to receive at least three times the amount you wagered. 


    This is the total amount of the winning wager. The total amount of payout varies depending on the odds.

    In-play (Live Betting) 

    It is a process of placing bets after the event started. The advantage of live betting is that you can properly decide on which team to place your wager. 

    Exchange betting

    This kind of betting uses fixed odds but only between the wagers of two bettors. It happens when a bettor is backing a selection while the other is eyeing the selection. 

    Straight Bets 

    It is the most common wager placed by sports bettors, straight bets allow you to bet on a single game that has a point spread or money line. 

    Total Line Bets

    It is a type of sports bet where a number is set for the combined final score of both teams and betting on the actual score staying under os going over the number. 

    Sports betting and cricket odds sites websites like and Betwala offers a wide range of sports league for you to bet. All you need to do is to be a responsible bettor and enjoy the game! 



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