In all honesty there's absolutely no reason

  • I don't use any form of bot, so I understand its not a hack effort from OSRS gold one of them as I have never even contemplated downloading . I have AVG anti virus and Ad-Aware software, and'm using a fundamental windows firewall. (I also have other anti-computer hack apps that I am not going to make people ). Virus scan was performed yesterday, found nothing. I'm starting to get a bit worried today, this is my principal account and I dont want to lose it. Thanks Ahead of Time!

    In all honesty there's absolutely no reason to increase any abilities before going to membership, as training any skill is easier with a membership. For low level abilities, you've got significantly less crowded skilling areas. For higher level abilities, you've got more choices to train. When it is an alternative, get membership right away.

    When you have little membership period available, then I would highly recommend upping magic and melee combat stats. Combat allows you to perform more generally, such as skilling in dangerous locations. Magic is very useful for teleports to save huge amounts of traveling time. Agreed with above, but make alot of money, possibly spend half of your membership time earning money. Money is insanely hard to make f2p unless your staking (Which is difficult to get kills but you can create millons an hour).

    It's really down to personal preference. Magic is the only real one which sticks out. All others can be trained far more easily in member areas, anyhow. I waited a long time before becoming a part since I believed my battle level and buy RuneScape gold skills weren't great enough for it to be worth it. Membership is in factn't a upgrade only for high levels, however. If you want to spend less, you can wait somewhat, as freeplay still has things to offer. However, don't do it if you are going to begin looking at the game as a chore for this. I would just say that when freeplay isn't any more fun/as fun, gain membership.