Pull Test for Friction Bolt and Split Set

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    Pull Test for Friction Bolt and Split Set

    Pull test is a very important testing for the performance of Friction Bolt. It can tell the welding quality and at the same time to know the ultimate broken strength. The testing will be carried out several times in one batch of products to be sure a good and consistent quality of welding all through the production.


    As one of the most important aspect that need to be highly focused on, pull test is a routine measurement and assessment in our production of Friction Bolt and Split Set, to make sure the performance of friction bolt and split set as well as when they used in the system of underground support projects, we make pull test for all kinds of friction bolt and split set we produced and keep the test result in a reasonable range that customer required.


    Different grade of material and different thickness of material will lead a different result in the pull test, we have rich experiences to select different kind of material and thickness of friction bolt and split set for our clients to meet their support requirements, following are some pull test reports from our everyday production.


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