Gambling: A New Age Profession in the Technological Era

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    Gambling has charmed human beings since its inception. It has traversed universally over the ages in various forms like gaming, betting, racing, wagering, etc.

    Societies dominated with religious and moral ethos have never been considerate towards gambling. It has always been an unlawful activity that could not be regulated by laws. But it has always lured humankind; firstly, for the instant and lucrative earnings it assures, in return for fewer investments; secondly, for its entertainment and fun quotient.

    In this new era of internet-based virtual reality, the technological advent has led us to new dimensions of betting and has changed the face of the gambling industry. Betting involves transactions of money or assets through a direct or indirect interface. Consequently, the number of gamers has increased significantly and has reached beyond 164 million. The amount of bets on mobile phones has hit $100 billion in recent times and the number is consistently increasing.


    What is Professional Gambling?

    Oxford Dictionary defines “Betting” as the action of the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable events. It is a softer and sophisticated version of gambling.

    Professional gamblers (Pro Gamblers) are the individuals who gamble regularly by making optimum use of their skills and expertise, rather than depending on luck. They derive their full-time earnings through gambling and have full control over the money spent and time involved. There are hordes of professional gamblers who put in their knowledge and skills to earn huge profits. Interestingly, some of them also work as mediators for affluent men who are looking to invest in betting. Online gambling has indeed, opened new avenues to boost this rapidly growing industry.

    Betting and gambling can be played in various forms, which include:

    • Blackjack Card Counting: 

    These are old popular games in which the gamer has to monitor the high and low cards in the dealer’s desk to bet on it.

    • Poker: 

    Poker is a popular option among the gamblers as it provides cash games and tournaments to earn good money, but it needs hard practice and experience to win.

    • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): 

    Daily Fantasy sports is the latest boom in the gaming industry, which offers good opportunities to earn money. But it needs exceptional skills to win and heavy bankroll to continue playing.

    • Sports betting:

    Sports betting is a great option for betting even for novices. It is becoming increasingly popular these days.

    • Lottery

    A lottery is another straightforward and popular option for gamblers. Lotteries exist almost in every country across this globe. Gamblers need to purchase a ticket with any number and wait to get the numbers drawn on the ticket.


    How Professional Gamblers win?

    There are no shortcuts, secret tips that Pro gamblers can use to win. Players can learn and discover the tricks with experience in the industry. Let’s have a look at some of the secrets which pro gambles follow while gambling.

    • They avoid being superstitious 

    Keeping superstitions will never help you to win games. There is no room for gut feelings and luck factor. The skills can be imbibed purely out of consistent practice and efforts.

    • Don’t let emotions overpower you 

    Pro gamblers don’t let emotions supersede them. They are cool-headed and focused; they can play the game without the fear to lose or desperation to win.

    • Take the defeat and win with equal zest 

    Fortunes and defeats are unpredictable and inevitable. There will be times when one will earn massive wins/profits and also encounter huge defeats/losses. Sometimes, the bank balance may plummet and sometimes it might overflow. However, overindulgence should strictly be avoided when the bank balance is swollen; a considerable balance should be preserved for critical times. Because there is always a risk of losing the capital, which eventually may lead to misery. In sum, it is advisable to take it in stride—in true sportsman spirit.

    • Maintain the bank balance 

    If you have limited funds in your bank account and you are betting beyond your capacity, you might be at a huge risk of losing capital as the world of gambling is totally unpredictable. Rather than living on the edge, it is better to maintain a balanced approach to avoid severe consequences.

    • To integrate discipline 

    Many of the successful pro gamblers highlight the importance of discipline in this domain. When one is engaged in gambling, he should avert himself from over-indulgence in alcohol or any other harmful drug. Such intoxication may affect the ability to take decisive moves and ultimately lead to a loss. A logical mind with a neutral mindset is essential to become a pro. Therefore, maintaining strict discipline on these lines is of prime importance.

    • Record maintenance of all games 

    A well-organized, documented record of all games, mentioning the moves, wins, losses, and money involved should be strictly maintained. This record is the home ground for strategic planning; it can also be helpful to pay taxes and maintain your bankroll. The records should ideally be done immediately after every game, to avoid complications.

    Online Casinos 

    The gambling industry has been the pioneer in using cryptocurrencies in its regular operations. The convenience for cross border payments and the anonymity it offers are some of the major reasons to adopt cryptos. More specifically, cryptos are being used largely for the highly popular Bitcoin Dice and Bitcoin slots games.

    The gambling industry has witnessed a steep rise in Bitcoin casinos in the last few years, as they offer the perfect fun element with the ease of transactions. MintDice has emerged as one of the top names in the esteemed list of Bitcoin casinos.


    MintDice is a leader in virtual gaming. It is a cryptocurrency online casino that allows playing and investing in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Zcoin, among others. This casino is powered by a blockchain-based algorithm, which makes it a secure and trustworthy platform. The algorithm also enables us to transact rapidly without any delay due to technical glitches. It aims to provide a thrilling gambling experience to everyone in the crypto community.  

    In a very short period, MintDice has acquired a commendable reputation and unparalleled trust among the crypto community as a Bitcoin casino. It offers Bitcoin Dice Plinko, slots, dice games, Power mint Bitcoin Lottery jackpot, pyramid, and many other games. It also allows users to opt for in-house investment to avail more opportunities and offers.


    Every profession comes with its own set of pros and cons. Gambling can be considered as an instant money creation alternative with flexible operating hours and low investments. Investing and playing in the most reliable and authentic platforms can bring the desired results.

    A higher risk of higher benefits is the law of any enterprise. You can earn a good fortune with DFS, Poker, sports betting, etc. with proper understanding, discipline, judgment and risk handling skills.

    Originally posted on MintDice.