Beekeeping in Norway

  • Healthiest bees

    Norway has one of the healthiest bee populations in the world.

    No antibiotics are allowed within beekeeping, only natural remedies can be used.

    Wax / honeycomb is regularly tested for remains of prohibited substances. Beekeeper Honey

    Strictly regulated

    Health checks are done regularly on all our bees, and the results are to be reported to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Only registered certified beekeepers can perform these test.

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority also performs random tests on bees, wax and honey to make sure that everything is according to regulations. Norwegian Honey

    These measures give us one of the healthiest population of bees in the world.

    The word "Honey"

    By Norwegian law, you are not allowed to call a product "honning" (the Norwegian word for honey) if it has been heated, if anything has been added to the product or the moisture content is too high. "Honning" has to be 100% natural, pure, raw, unheated, unpasteurized.