HMI Solutions For Precision Instruments

  • Because the instrumentation in the process of use due to the working environment is more severe, then the instrumentation LCD reliability requirements are more stringent, the general LCD can not withstand such intensity of work, including in high and low temperatures, drops, dust, and waterproof effect can not meet the requirements of industrial-grade instrumentation LCD, so you must choose industrial-grade LCD. Touch screen hmi

    STONE ensures stable performance, longer service life, and long-term stable supply of our industrial-grade LCD touch screen display solutions. Our industrial-grade LCDs can operate normally in harsh environments.

    Our Solution Capabilities Include.

    Stable performance: In addition to the raw material aspect of the product, in addition to product production and quality requirements are also very strict.

    Longer service life: Generally, the service life of lcd LCD for instrumentation reaches 5-8 years, and STONE's lcd LCD for instrumentation can reach more than 5W hours in the selection of backlight material. Hmi screen

    Long-term stable supply: STONE can provide long-term stable supply to ensure the replacement of replaceable LCD display for meters after the sale.

    The use of STONE's industrial series display modules ensures the performance requirements of the product while also ensuring a long-term stable supply.