Medical Display HMI Solutions

  • Medical product design cycles can take longer due to the industry's stringent certification requirements. It is critical to have a reliable touch screen display manufacturer to support you throughout the process. 5 inch lcd

    STONE ensures the durability and high performance of our medical touch screen display solutions. Our custom designs are internally tuned for application-specific performance in medical environments.

    Portable Monitor with STONE serial Touch Screen and ESP32

    The new version of the STONE serial touch screen perfectly supports curve depiction and display, the communication protocol is simple and easy to remember, microcontroller engineers can use it after reading the manual, there are many examples of drivers in the command set, directly copied to modify the name and parameters can be used. Serial connection is simple, you can use the official adapter board, whether it is a direct serial connection or USB to serial, it is very convenient and easy to use.  The monitor displays multiple groups of vital parameters at the same time, especially 3 curves that are dynamically drawn and displayed at the same time very smoothly, and should be able to draw more groups of curve graphics at the same time, you can try as needed. 5 inch touch screen

    STONE TFT Screen ventilator Project

    The display interface of this sleep ventilator uses a 5.6″ STONE serial touch screen with a backlight, rich colors, and a serial port for easy communication with the main control board, and the touch input also eliminates the keyboard, making the whole ventilator simple and generous in appearance. Adjustable pressure value and delay time are sliding options – Figure (4), more convenient operation. In addition, the delay time countdown and the pressure gauge display value are shown in a special interface — Figure (5), which is intuitive and clear. The development process is recorded as follows.