How to Maintain the Appearance of Exterior Doors

  • You've probably heard it before. Your front entrance is the first thing people see about your house, and it says a lot about you before they ever step inside. The front entryway receives the most undivided attention of any room in the home. After all, it's the spot where people wait to be let in, with nothing to do except look until a knock or a doorbell is answered. We can't think of any area in or around your house that receives such a comprehensive examination by guests.

    How to Maintain the Appearance of Exterior Doors

    Here are six easy ways to keep your front entrance ready for a big day.


    Soap and water should be used to clean its face.


    While creating a fashion statement, your entrance door also protects your house from wind, rain, snow, humidity, and burglars. It's no surprise that it might have a really filthy visage after a time. Dirt, pollen, and spider webs accumulate on covered porch doors as well. Clean it on a regular basis with mild dish soap and water. This little step is often overlooked, yet it makes a significant effect.


    Everything is dependent on hinges.


    Examine your hinges for a minute. They may need to be tightened to avoid or remedy misalignment. If you detect squeaking, sticking, or a less-than-fluid swing, oil it or spray it with WD-40®. If you see any damage or wear, it may be a good idea to repair your hinges or hardware.


    Keep your door windows clean.


    Make your door's glass inserts or sidelites sparkle! Fill a spray bottle halfway with one cup white vinegar and one cup water. Spritz and wipe down with a lint-free cloth. Keep in mind to clean both sides of the window. You'd be surprised at how much dulling dirt builds within.


    Colorfully protect your door from the weather.


    Your door is always exposed to the elements, especially the sun. Protect it by applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. If you're in the mood for a change, this is a great opportunity to do so. A new door color is a simple improvement that will make a great difference. Fiberglass doors are available in woodgrain textures that are stainable. If you intend to stain a painted surface, you need first peel the paint before applying any stain, and you can locate the finest Exterior Doors Linden NJ from here.


    Examine your lock and deadbolt.


    Check the operation of your lockset and deadbolt. When you insert the key, it might be incredibly annoying to discover a jammed lock. This is another situation when WD-40Smart ®'s Straw applicator might come in handy. You might also replace your key lock with a keyless entry device.


    Weatherstripping should be maintained or replaced.


    Closely examine the weatherstripping. When the door is closed, run your hand around the perimeter to check for drafts or evidence of sunshine. If the stripping is in excellent shape, clean it carefully and preserve it with a light layer of furniture wax. Installing a door sweep at the bottom of your door can assist keep drafts and insects out of your house. If you don't have a sweep or if it's worn out, it's time to install or replace it.