Help For Handicapped People With Home Care

  • Home Care is a service, which is provided to elderly or handicapped individuals. It also covers care for those suffering from terminal, debilitating diseases. Home care agencies are organizations, which undertake to provide home assistance either by a member of their staff or by someone who understands the needs of the client. Caregivers are trained to provide personalized help depending on the individual requirements of the patient.

    Help For Handicapped People With Home Care

    Home care agencies have come up as a result of the increasing need of people to provide personalized help to aged people and especially those with debilitating illnesses. These agencies also help to solve other personal problems that the client has. The client gets complete support, care and guidance with trained caregivers and is assured of a top class service at the best price.


    Home care agencies operate under the Multi Service Fund Administration Act of 1974. That Act specifies that the agency should be established by a local government board. The law specifies that a license fee must be paid by the clients to serve effectively. The fees can be collected by the agency from the person who has applied for the service and any payment by the person for services provided by the agency must be made by check.


    Start a home care business in Maine? Searching on the Internet is the best way to find one. There are many web sites that provide information on home care agencies. You can choose the web site that provides you with the most complete information and compare different agencies based on price, location and services offered. You can also search by keywords.


    Some of the agencies deal with just the home care, while others provide care and health counseling as well. They are specialized in various fields including adult day care, elder care, Alzheimer's care and palliative care. They are not licensed, but they are members of organizations that are recognized by the state. The Multi Service Fund Administration allows the organizations to charge their fees according to the value of the services they provide. Thus, they can charge fees as low as a penny per hour, or as high as several hundred dollars per hour.


    Finding a home care agency is not difficult. However, you need to be sure that you can trust them. The agency can be either a member of a reputable organization or it can be an independent agency. A reputable home care agency will have the proper licenses and insurance documents to serve the purpose. An independent home care agency may not have such documents and may not charge reasonable fees.