Amazing Latest 2022, Lookah Seahorse Pro, Med Care Golden And H

  • Lookah Seahorse Pro 650mah Dab Vaporizer Starter Kit

    Lookah Seahorse PRO is a generation two Seahorse dab pen, compared with generation one, this can be called Super Multiple Dab Pen. It is not only easy to clean, can fit all 510 cartridges, but has accessories to fit all glass bongs, and rigs. The coil for the PRO is a quartz coil and the device is powered by a rechargeable battery.

    Battery: 650mAh
    Heats Up Fast
    Easy To Clean
    Portable and Compatible With Bong

    1 x Seahorse PRO
    1 x Tip Adapter
    1 x Connect Hose
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    1 x 14/18mm Adapter
    1 x USB Cable



    Med Care Golden Royal Honey Enhancer

    Due to its precise formula that acts as phytotherapy is a proven sexual performance booster, as well as replacement therapy and medication in the form of Injections, Gels, Patches, and much more, Golden Royal Honey has been recognized as the natural booster supplement for the Testosterone hormone 'according to the clinical and lab examination'.Honey, being a rich source of carbohydrates, enables immediate restoration of energy losses. A teaspoon of honey has 100 calories in it.

    Pure honey: 93%
    Radix Eurycoma Longifolia: 5%
    Radix Panax Ginseng: 1%
    Royal jelly: 1%



    Hyde Duo Recharge 5% Disposable


    The Duo is back again and better than ever because now it’s Hyde Duo Recharge 3000 puffs which is simply rechargeable! This dual flavor device has a bold, shield-like design, giving you 1500 puffs of each flavor and allowing the user to switch whenever they want. Although a Micro USB Charger is not included in the packaging.

    Features :
    Built-in Battery 850mAh Rechargeable Battery
    E-Liquid Capacity: 10ml (5ml per flavor)
    Approximately 3000 Puffs
    2 in-1 Dual Flavor Design
    Disposable Design
    No Maintenance Required
    Vibrant Colors
    Classic Automatic Style
    Ultra Lightweight and Compact Design
    Non-Refillable Design
    Nicotine Salt Based E-Liquid
    Flavors by Hyde