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DIY Wedding Invitations: Benefits of Creating Yours

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    You may be asking yourself: Why do people choose the DIY free invitation templates route? We’re glad you asked. Before we dive deeper, here are the top eight benefits of making your own wedding invites.

    1: Happy Wallet, Happy Life
    When you pay for any product or service, it’s usually because you either can’t do something yourself or you don’t want to do it. In exchange for taking care of the task for you, businesses often charge significantly more than it would cost to just go the DIY route. Luckily, we are living in a digital era that has birthed tons of free or affordable photo editing tools and easy-to-use templates that put the power back into your hands and leave you and your wallet happy.

    2: You Become the CEO of Creativity
    One of the top benefits of designing your own wedding invites is that you can mix and match absolutely anything you like so that you never have to compromise. To save money and time, most industries have streamlined their processes and operate more like factories that pump out the same exact product over and over again. With DIY, you can override those factory settings and rest assured knowing that if you can dream it, you can create it! After all, you’re not a cookie-cutter couple, so why settle for basic wedding invitations? This is your chance to design something that officially introduces the world to who you are as a couple.

    3: You’re Only a Couple Clicks Away From Awesome
    With fun, easy, and affordable photo-editing apps like Picsart always at your fingertips, it’s truly incredible what you can create with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Editing an existing wedding invitation template or trying user-friendly tools to build up a blank canvas from zero to masterpiece is the fastest way to create a unique and professional look on a friendly budget in no time. In fact, you might fall so in love with the process of making a DIY wedding invitation that you’ll probably feel compelled to also DIY your “save the date” cards, RSVP cards, envelope liners, bridal shower invitations, and personalized cards for your bridesmaid gifts.

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    4: A More Personalized Invitation Card Creates a Deeper Connection
    When you design your own wedding invitations, you can personalize your cards as much as you want. You may prefer to tweak each invitation card to include a personal greeting for each guest, digitize your handwriting that your friends or grandparents recognize and love, and pick cardstock or other types of paper that are meaningful to you and your loved ones. For example, couples and families who value sustainability practices or who plan to invite lots of eco-conscious guests might choose to print their invitations on biodegradable or plantable seed paper. After printing, you can also add a handmade embellishment you know your guests would adore.

    5: Those Who Go Together Grow Together
    Did you always envision your wedding planning journey being a fun and exciting time where you’d be sipping mimosas with your bridesmaids while browsing wedding ideas on Etsy and getting the 4-1-1 on the proposal story? Did you dream of sitting around the kitchen table with your sister, mother, grandmother or other loved ones, listening to their enchanting love stories while making invitations or wedding favors by hand? Now is your chance to create deeper connections with your loved ones and precious memories to last a lifetime. When you enlist the help of your family and friends, you can deepen your relationships and soak in just how supported and loved you are before your special day arrives.

    6: Who Said Wedding Planning Can’t Be Fun And Easy?
    We totally get it — wedding planning can be stressful. Being bombarded with competing options and drowned in price tags isn’t exactly what most people dream of when they fantasize about their dream wedding. Choosing to go the DIY route is a great way to step away from all the industry noise and reconnect to your personal vision for your special day. Luckily with user-friendly photo-editing tools, you can have your wedding cake — and eat it too! Designing your own invitations is a chance to relax and play with colors, textures, photos, and designs that light you up.

    7: Bring Flexibility Back
    With so much that can go wrong in planning a wedding, leaving some room for flexibility can give you a much needed sense of relief. Need to add a new piece to your wedding stationery that requires you to resize your design to keep the theme consistent? No worries, just set your new dimensions, adjust the design where necessary, and you’re good to go. Short by a dozen cards last minute? No problem, just print some more. DIY puts the control back in your hands so you can focus on enjoying the process.

    8: Powerful Presence Creates Precious Memories
    Building a lifelong relationship takes a lot of tender love and care, starting with all the little details. When you design your own wedding invitations, it’s a way of saying I care, and is a thoughtful gesture to start your marriage off with tender love and care. The more hands-on you can be throughout your wedding planning process, the more experiences you will create to lock in the memories of this life-changing chapter of your life. Someday you can look back on this time and recall the memories of the wonderful time you had dreaming about your big day. And you’ll remember making your own invitations to share your exciting news with the ones you love.