Who is Botox ideally for?

  • Bocouture is mainly used for Botox treatments and it contains the active substance Botulinum toxin type A which relaxes the injected muscles. This substance is injected with a small needle into the required facial areas usually around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. It has a temporary effect of reducing facial lines, which creates a fuller and firmer look of the facial skin.

    How long does the Botox procedure take?

    This treatment is a minor invasive procedure during which around 3-6 injections of botulinum toxin type A are administered with a needle. The targeted area is injected which can be either between your eyebrows, each side of your eyes, your forehead or around your lips. Some people also opt for injecting their nasolabial folds, the deep creases that extend from the nose to the mouth.

    The entire procedure usually only takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on the case.

    Pain or discomfort during the treatment can be reduced with a topical annesthetic or ice to numb the treated area.

    How long does Bocouture take to work?

    Within 2 to 3 days after your Botox treatment, you should see improvements until the maximum line and wrinkle reduction is visible about 10 days afterward. As Botox is a series of injections just under the skin that works to paralyze or freeze the muscles that contract to cause wrinkles and lines, it takes a little while for the substance to completely smooth out the facial lines.

    The effect smoothing of Botox can last from a few to several weeks.

    Are there any side effects of Botox?

    Minor bruises can be visible but should improve within a few days after the treatment. Other possible side effects you may experience are:

    • swelling or drooping in the eyelid area
    • fatigue
    • pain in the neck or head area
    • double vision
    • dry eyes
    • allergic reactions (skin rash, itching, or asthma symptoms)

    You need to contact your provider immidiateley should you notice any of these.Specialist for botox treatment

    plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Esmaeili, who conducts all of our Botox treatments near you at Muswell Hill Smile, will talk you through everything and has a wealth of experience with anything to do with Botox and beyond.

    Who is Botox ideally for?

    Mainly adults under 65 years of age look for this cosmetic procedure. If the severity of their facial Botox-treatment-for-smoother-skinlines has an important psychological impact on them.

    The best candidates for Botox treatments are physically healthy adults, with no history of. Both men and women with dynamic wrinkles can be ideal candidates for Botox treatment.

    It is important to remember that the level of improvement in the appearance of wrinkles after Botox treatments can vary among patients. Some people respond better to Botox than others. However, if you want to top up, additional Botox injections are an option to maintain your results.

    It’s universally agreed that Botox treatment shouldn’t be carried out during pregnancy or on a new mum who is breastfeeding.

    Can I afford Botox?

    Each Botox treatment on average you van buy etermis online £100 to £350 in the UK, depending on the clinic and the area being treated.

     we offer this treatment exclusively by our specialist plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Esmaeili and the initial consultation with him is a mere £60. Depending on which treatment you will go for.

    Here’s what Botox prices to expect:

    Botox facial £210- £350 Botox Neck £380 Botox Gummy smile from £280 Botox Hyperhidrosis (both arms) from £550 etermis supplier from £410

    These are competitive prices, especially as Botox normally lasts for about 4 months. However, should you require financial support we offer interest-free