Latest Massey Ferguson 241 DI tractor Features, Price, Mileage


    The Massey Ferguson 241 tractor has areas of strength unimaginably useful, with remarkable mileage. It gives grand execution both in the city as well as on the fields. Consequently, it goes with an engine breaking point of 2500 CC.


    The Massey Ferguson 241 R tractor is proper for plant work. With a fuel tank cutoff of 47 litres, the MF 241 R has the best mileage and can similarly perform extended works out. This tractor can manage water-controlled applications checking up to 1700 kg. Being especially useful and quick it covers a speed of 29. 37 Kmph while having a twofold grasp type and sliding cross-segment transmission.


    Assuming you wish to have a tractor that suits you the best it will give exceptional field yield at a very much reasonable and grasping Massey Ferguson 241 Price between Rs. 5.85 and Rs. 6.20 lakh* you can lay your hands on Massey Ferguson 241 R without even batting an eye as it promises to convey quality at the best expense.