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    The Eicher  Tractor 380 tractor is one of the association's most well known models. Eicher 380 is a tractor with 40 forces made by Eicher India. The eco-agreeableness and engine trustworthiness of this tractor are prominent. Moreover, lower upgrading costs and a huge number of organisation centres spread the word about this brand the most well among farmers.


    A three-chamber engine drives this notable tractor in India. This tractor can deliver a total consequence of 40 HP at an engine rated RPM of 2150 RPM, due to its 25re00 CC engine. This engine is given an air-cooled approach to give ideal efficiency and lower upkeep costs. A Combine Constant and Sliding Mesh transmission is presented on the tractor. The Eicher 380 Price is assessed at around 5.20 lacs to 5. 60 lacs.