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  • When he was ==rsgole.com== with the Houston Rockets. But Yao was a borderline All-Star anyway, while Pachulia is simply a hard-working yeoman. That he got this close is a testament to the Georgian people. Pachulia had some unexpected supportWith so much of the All-Star voting being conducted over social media in recent years, we get to see some strange endorsements of players. There was the president of Georgia, of course, as you might expect.NBAVote ZAZA PACHULIA ! pic.twitter.coma7VcygMuAd President Of Georgia MargvelashviliG January 9, 2016There was also Grammy winner Wyclef Jean,who sang a song in favor of Pachulia's All-Star candidacy. Listen to this!Shout out to beraofficial and wyclef for support. Thankful and humbled. pic.twitter.compRUZxp7loA Zaza Pachulia zaza27 January 15, 2016But by far the most impactful endorsement must have been Vine star Hayes Grier, who earned nearly 10,000 votes alone with these two tweets.Make sure you put his last name! NBAVOTE Zaza Pachulia Hayes Grier HayesGrier January 16, 2016Tweet the hashtag NBAVOTE with "Zaza ==RS 2007 Gold== Pachulia" and I'll be liking and following you and your tweets!! beraofficial Hayes Grier HayesGrier January 15, 2016By pandering to his 3.23 million Twitter followers, Grier must have brought in at least 50,000 votes from this alone, you'd imagine maybe plenty more. We saw a huge push from the final voting returns to Thursday's Come to https://www.rsgole.com/ buy Cheap RS 2007 !
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    10/23/17 at 4:00 AM
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When he was rsgole.com