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  • Since last week's game against Honduras after being hit waist rival, Messi could face Chile in Argentina from the first round match debut, the situation has become Argentina fans most concern.
    According to Spain, "sports daily," the modern report, Messi will buy fifa 16 coins miss the play determining Argentine group stage opener.Although Messi's back injury just isn't very serious, even so the Argentine national team doctor still very cautious that Messi buy fifa coins play football , they do not want for taking any risks, afraid to allow Messi have fun playing the game too soon, so as not to plum West's injury worsened.

    They believe that so that you can Argentina within the Copa America go further, a normal Messi is totally indispensable. The report also declared that Messi I still feel some pain within the waist, therefore missed they training on Saturday.

    Argentina national team coach Martino also confirmed in a news conference Messi missed the Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins first battle and said the midfielder Gaitan from Benfica will replace Messi in the starting eleven from the list. Benfica's Gaitan could be the core of generals, wearing jersey No. 10, in line with several media reports, the 28-year-old player will go on to Atletico Madrid next season to experiment with, Atletico as a way to get him to pay about 25 million euros transfer fee.Martino also declared that at the same time, do not need to worry about Messi, when he believes Messi capable to play inside cheap fifa coins second round group stage match against Panama.
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