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Professional matchmakers - Eastern European women in the USA

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    October 16, 2022 5:15 PM EDT

    Professional matchmakers - Eastern European women in the USA
    7 rules of the perfect first date.
    In the life of every girl comes the moment of that magical long-awaited date. Which young lady did not start to panic before meeting with the man of her dreams? Instill doubts in yourself, all sorts of "what if ...?". It is difficult to calm a heart beating with excitement, but it is even more difficult to predict the course of events. Everything thought out at home is forgotten, but complexes and insecurities beat a complete hood. What to do? Let's figure it out in order.
    Professional matchmakers - Eastern European women in the USA - INmatchmaking.
    1. Meet by clothes.
    Nice appearance, clean hair, culture of speech. Here are some of the basic techniques. Do not dress too vulgarly, thereby sending a signal to a man. He won't appreciate it. But moderately open clothes, not very catchy makeup will only go to your "hand". Watch your language. Even if in life you often swear with abusive words, refrain from them at the first meeting.
    2. Give the initiative to the man.
    A common problem of girls is talking incessantly, entertaining and filling pauses. Remember – the more a man puts strength and emotions into you, the stronger his desire to win you will be. Leave your persona a mystery to him. In a conversation about yourself, it will be enough to keep within 2-3 sentences. Don't open up right away, leave it for later.
    3. Don't show too much interest.
    Even if this is really the man of your dreams, you should not obsessively "shoot your eyes", try to touch and praise the uniqueness of the young man too much. Men are hunters by nature, give him the opportunity to conquer you himself.
    4. Topics about exes are not the best choice.
    Even if you have somehow touched on this topic, you should not describe in detail the "ex-boyfriend" and even more so compare him with your future (while in dreams) faithful. Scare off the man of dreams, too, can be too violent statements in the direction of the former. Refrain from insults.
    5. More originality.
    Try to surprise him. Don't be afraid to seem ridiculous or naive. Tell us about interesting stories and hobbies. Order something unusual, without exclamations about the diet. Open access to your soul.
    6. The ability to listen is the highest reward.
    It is a proven fact that it is most pleasant for a person to talk about himself. Show sincere interest in talking to the man of your dreams. Nod, listen to him carefully, clarify the details, smile to the place and success is guaranteed for you. A girl who knows how to listen will certainly cause trust and sympathy.
    7. It is not appropriate to behave uninhibited and untied.
    If you want a serious relationship with this man, there should be no talk about sex at the first meeting. Did the man himself start raising such topics? Then you should seriously think about whether this person is right for you?
    After a romantic date, a decent young man is obliged to escort you to the door. But no further! We strongly recommend not to move on to intimate relationships after the first date, most likely it will spoil your reputation. Make it clear to the man that you are ready for the next meeting, but in no case do not show that you are frantically waiting for her.