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    December 4, 2022 11:06 AM EST

    Play Movie Money is an accredited global prop money manufacturer and distributor headquartered in China. The company prints high-grade, detailed, legal fake money designed especially as props for films, TV shows, commercials, and other entertainment purposes. Printed money from Play Movie Money facilities is perfectly legal and specially designed by experts to look like real currency as close as legally allowable by governments all over the world.
    The Facilities
    Similar to the equipment used to print real money, Our Prop money uses the highest-grade offset press printing machines to deliver realistic-looking fake money with the highest quality colors and intricate details.
    Utilizing only top-quality premium ink and experienced designers, Fake money from the company’s facilities showcases realistic detail that even trained experts cannot discern fake money from real ones when watching an up-close shot from the highest quality video or photo.
    The Products and Services
    Moive Money offers a large selection of prop money in various quantities, presentations, and currency. They offer prop money for popular currencies such as Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars, Russian Rubbles, Australian Dollars, and Canadian Dollars. Custom print jobs for play money are also available.
    Play Money offers advantageous solutions to film, TV, and entertainment productions needing prop money all over the world by offering the following:
    · The closest version to real money allowable by authorities
    · Wide selection of different currencies all over the world including custom printing
    · High-grade equipment capable of printing massive quantities to meet production requirements
    · 24-hour service and fast shipping to comply with production timelines
    · Impeccable details indiscernible even on up-close 4K videos
    · Top-quality printing paper and ink that’s glare-free and shine-free even under bright production lights
    · Water-proof ink that does not smear even when wet
    Paper Money ships internationally, and has been a trusted movie money prop manufacturer for years for numerous film productions and studios around the globe. [url=]best prop money[/url]