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Water Awareness: Five Easy Water Saving Tips

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    December 10, 2022 3:03 PM EST

    It is easy to view water as an infinite resource. It makes up over 70% of our planet's surface, and, in developed countries at least, it comes freely out of our faucets. But the reality is that water conservation is becoming more and more pivotal, as easily tapped sources are becoming less viable, and burgeoning populations, especially in dry areas like Southern California or New Mexico, are putting a greater strain on our water supply.

    What can we do to bring water awareness to our lawns and gardens? Try implementing some of the following water saving ideas.

    1) Garden Locally

    The majority of plants you use for landscaping should be native to the area. This insures that they are acclimated to your seasons. Tending to plants during a California drought generally requires frequent watering; plant the drought resistant Arabian Lilac and it will thrive with minimal care. Do a little research, find some local varieties, and enjoy a low maintenance garden.

    2) Savvy Sprinklers

    It is a common sight to see a sprinkler system that is copiously Shower Clock for sale in USA the pavement, the sidewalk, and sometimes passing pedestrians. Center your sprinklers so that they are proving water to your lawn only - if the circumference of your sprinkler is too large, buy a smaller sprinkler. Also, try to find a sprinkler that sprays out more than up, and use them only in the evening or early morning - it is easy for a large quantity of water to be lost to evaporation.

    3) Reduce

    Buy water saving attachments for your hose, and don't leave it running; learn about your plants individual hydration needs and only water when necessary. Over-watering is a more common killer of garden plants then under-watering.

    4) Reuse & Recycle

    A few ideas:

    -water from washing vegetables or rinsing cooked pasta, and from steamed or boiled veggies, can be thrown into the garden.

    -wash pets, cars, and driveways so that the runoff can hydrate your lawn or garden (with environmentally-friendly soap).

    -when you are waiting for the shower water to warm up, catch it in a bucket and then water your plants with it.

    -keep an eye out for additional ways to reuse!

    5) Conserve

    Hold on to the water you've got. Mulching prevents evaporation, and inhibits weeds (which are often more efficient at water uptake than other plants). Make sure your garden beds are as level as possible so that the water doesn't pool on one side, or drain away entirely. When watering with a hose, focus your spray around the roots of the individual plants instead of doing a general sweep of the garden bed.

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    March 28, 2023 12:44 PM EDT

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