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    December 14, 2022 1:09 PM EST

    To achieve the goals identified in this study, board members and other bank employees must first understand what social networking is and how it can be used to position their banks above others in the industry. If properly trained, these employees can use social networking to achieve their banks' organizational goals and place their banks in the top positions in the industry in the following five ways:

    • Community building.
    • Product research.
    • Customer service.
    • Marketing and promotion.
    • Transparency.

    Social networking is currently being used to bolster the reputations of the financial institutions 富途牛牛新聞 that use it, providing information both internally and externally. This type of information sharing builds consumer confidence and helps employees understand the importance of their roles within their banks and how they should strive to achieve the highest standard of customer service.

    Challenges of Social Networking in the Workplace
    One of the first challenges of integrating social networking with the workplace is helping employees understand the importance of using this technological tool. The next challenge is in addressing the training needs of the organization to bring all employees up-to-speed on the etiquette, functionality and general norms of such a medium. This means determining who will be maintaining the websites, how end users will experience the websites, and how policies and procedures concerning social networking will be shared, and with whom inside of the organization. And finally, relationship management in a virtual environment poses a challenge. This last challenge should be a primary focus when implementing a social networking-friendly policy or procedure.

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