How to eliminate QuickBooks Unexpected Error Code C=184?

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    December 16, 2022 1:45 AM EST

    Want to eliminate the QuickBooks error code C=184? If yes, then reading this post till the end is recommended. This error can be experienced if there is any damage in the network file i.e., nd file, or the transaction log file i.e., tlg file. It impacts the company file and can also be seen in case the reporting dates of QuickBooks desktop do not tally due to 29 days in February. It appears on the screen stating: “An error has occurred in QuickBooks. Please restart QuickBooks and try again. If you continue to experience this error, please note the C= value and contact professionals” As this error is not commonly experienced by QuickBooks users, it might be a little difficult for the QuickBooks users to tackle it. If you are also facing similar issue, then make sure to read this post till the end. Or you can also contact our tech support team at +1(844)405-0907, and we will provide you with instant support services.

    What triggers QuickBooks error code C=184?

    The user can experience this error in the following circumstances:

    1. If the files including .nd and .tlg files are corrupted, then the user can experience this issue
    2. Or when QuickBooks is not installed correctly 
    3. In case the reporting dates of QuickBooks desktop aren’t matching due to leap years, then such an error can be seen

    Steps to rectify the issue

    The user can try to perform the steps related to running reboot.bat file to fix the issue. The steps to be performed are as follows:

    1. The first step is to close QuickBooks
    2. And then, right-clickQuickBooks 
    3. Once done with that go for properties tab under the drop-down 
    4. Now, click on location to open the file 
    5. Also, run Reboot.bat folder if you are inside QuickBooks file.
    6. Now, hit Admin tab.
    7. Once done with that run Reboot.bat
    8. This will open the CMD window 
    9. Also, reboot the system and check if the issue persists 

    We end this post right here with the hope that the information shared in above might be of some help in eliminating the error code C-184. However, if there is any query or if the user needs our assistance at some point in time, then contacting our tech team at +1(844)405-0907 is recommended. We are a team of certified QuickBooks error support professionals who work round the clock in providing immediate support services.


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    January 5, 2023 3:04 AM EST

    Effective steps to fix QuickBooks Error C=184
    Process 1: Moving the company file.
    Process 2: Run the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
    Process 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
    Process 4: Rename the . ND and . TLG files.
    Process 5: Update your Windows.
    Process 6: Run reboot. bat file.