Sump Pump made in China

  • February 7, 2023 12:09 AM EST

    Sump Pump made in China PumpABCDEFGHJ肖nKMNPQWeight (kg)SDischarge Flange Dimension Discharge Dia.(mm)BaseTypeStandard TypeExtension Type肖D1肖D2肖D0X-肖d 40P(L)DV137285153900* 12001800*50050045045020518174111367524862928528012740984-肖16 DVR1402651752500 65Q(L)DV227399231900* 1200* 15001800* 2000 25006806806202854001839313901020290681432350178651404-肖19 DVR2303802601396 100R(L)DV2655383171200 1500* 1800 2000 24002400 2700* 3000 3200100087080093040022393180310204169608763502291001918-肖19 DVR2665353321809 150S(V)DV3906703651200 1500* 18002800* 3200 3400 360011001100103010305002847521861200476101117373502801502418-肖22 DVR3956704002194 200S(L)DV4508054401200 1500* 18002800* 3200 360013001200110012006002855021911300476101128003503432002988-肖22 2191 250T(L)DV5009304701800 2100* 24002800* 3200 3600175014501350265070048685257217505611246370040040625036212-肖25 DVR 2572 300DV50011705591800 2100 24002800* 3200 360017501450135070070048700247617505611246450040048330043212-肖25 DVR40010906302832 Note: L size: 0, 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1800, Standard Pump: L=0. The dimension range from filter to bottom of the pool :300-500mm. Operation and monitoring editing 1. The inlet valve of the submerged slurry pump should be opened and the outlet valve should be closed before the pump is started. Then start the pump, and then slowly open the pump outlet valve after the pump starts. The size and speed of opening the pump outlet valve should be controlled by the pump not vibrating and the motor not exceeding the rated current. 2. Start with a pump in series, also follow the above method. After opening the first stage pump, the outlet valve of the last stage pump can be opened a little (the opening size should be 1 / 4 of the rated current of the first stage pump motor), and then the second stage and third stage pump can be started successively until the last stage pump. After all the series pumps are started, the outlet valve of the final stage pump can be gradually opened. The speed of valve opening should be controlled by the pump vibration free and the motor of any stage pump not exceeding the rated current. 3. The purpose of submerged slurry pump is mainly for conveying flow. It is better to install flow meter (meter) in the operation monitoring system to monitor whether the flow meets the requirements at any time; it is also required to have a certain pressure at the pipeline outlet of the hydrocyclone pipeline system, slag flushing system and pressure filtration dehydration system. A pressure gauge should also be installed in the system to monitor whether the pressure meets the requirements. 4. In addition to monitoring the flow and pressure, the motor should not exceed the rated current of the motor. Monitor whether the oil seal, bearing, etc. are normal at any time, and whether the pump is vacuumed or overflowed, and deal with it at any time. Sump Pump made in China website: