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Suitable pond environment for shrimp farming

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    October 24, 2019 11:29 PM EDT

    The right pond environment for shrimp farming is important for profitable production. Prawns and lobsters are mainly farmed throughout Asia. Shrimp in salt water and lobster in fresh water. Therefore, you need separate ponds and farming environments. Shrimp farming is both profitable and risky. Because any type of adverse environment can cause a lot of damage to shrimp farming. Therefore, place the farm in the right place to reduce risks and losses. Before setting up a farm, test the quality of the soil and water. Environmental factors of shrimp culture are listed and briefly introduced below.

    Site Selection

    Shrimp is a saltwater shrimp species. It is usually grown in coastal areas where rivers overflow. Prawns need salt water all year round. Therefore, choose a place where prawns are raised and salt water is readily available throughout the year.

    Lobster is a kind of freshwater shrimp. Lobster farms should be located where fresh water is readily available. The main sources of fresh water are ponds, rivers, marshes and so on. Lobsters can also be grown with water from tubewells. A good transportation system and min fish supply will promote the development of the lobster culture area.

    Qualities of Soil
    Pond with silt loamy and sandy loamy soil is very suitable for shrimp farming. It will be better if the surface of soil become plane and slightly sloping in one side. The soil with Ph level bellow 5 is not perfect for shrimp farming. The perfect Ph level for successful shrimp farming is between 5-6.5.

    Qualities of Water
    The quality of water is very important in prawn farming. Because if the water is bad for shrimp farming, then all shrimp min fish will die in the water, It will hurt farmers economically. Both heavy water and muddy water are very harmful to prawn and lobster farming.


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