The Introduction of Technological Innovation for Business Prof

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    December 20, 2019 8:40 PM EST
    Twelfth China Jinjiang International Footwear Expo April 19 opening of the city in the United States flag. Fair as a bright spot shoes Shoes and technological achievements Museum Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , has witnessed the development process of the footwear industry in Jinjiang. Scientific and technological achievements this year, Hall is still wonderful, but unlike previous years, combined with low carbon economy and this year's popular two major themes of patent protection, technological achievements hall specially set up "a measurement of the shoebox" patent Experience and "scientific reduce carbon you and I were involved in" special activities, "Technology elements" of integration, to enhance the ability of independent innovation of footwear in the field Cheap Jerseys From China , to promote transformation and upgrading of the athletic shoe industry to inject new vitality.

    Competition is the core of modern enterprise technology, competition, innovation can only rely on science and technology allow enterprises to constantly upgrade. To enterprises can continue to grow to be from their own efforts, the most effective is innovation. Although in the context of economic crisis, but the more the face of adverse situations, the more necessary to intensify scientific and technological innovation. Our threshold for enterprises to enter international markets, to help leverage technology Cheap Jerseys China , which is to enhance the competitiveness of the most effective way. Improve the added value of products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Leading Enterprise Technology Progress

    Science and technology are primary productive forces, embodied in science and technology to promote economic development in the irreplaceable role. In the surging tide of market economy, with growing competition in the market for, backward techniques, inefficient productivity, low value added of products, without any competitive edge Cheap Jerseys , their living space smaller, Zui Zhong Hui submerged in a market economy the such a situation, the scientific and technological innovation is a powerful enterprise invincible weapon. Shoes enterprises can take advantage of high tech: nanotechnology, laser technology, automation technology, rapid prototyping technology, fiber technology and so on. Shoe should study and use of these technologies Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , focusing on high end shoe research, advanced footwear technology, research and development to improve China's shoes from the comfort start, upgrade products, improve the Chinese shoes to participate in world competition. Shoe should also attach importance to product design and innovation, attention to the technological transformation of enterprises, the footwear industry by relying on the traditional scientific and technological progress and modern management to arm the Chinese footwear industry to create our own core technology and enhance China's shoes core competencies and enhance China's position in the international market shoes to lead the shoe technology forward.

    Need Government Support Enterprise Innovation

    Shoe technology innovation process can not do without government support. In recent years Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys , the government provides businesses with a range of support measures to increase the company's efforts to support scientific and technological innovation is focused on one. Countries in science and technology project, loan discount policy, the development potential of Chinese enterprises tilt, to enhance its development potential. To high tech background, focus on the national key enterprises, have chosen to support a number of competitive national products, to promote its own intellectual property to strengthen the construction of R & D platform to enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises Wholesale NBA Jerseys , revitalizing the national the process of technological innovation, the company is the main customer is oriented market mechanism, government is the environment. Government to make up for market failure, the formation of innovation system, to create innovative environment to play an irreplaceable role. First, the government adopted fiscal policy oriented tax incentives specifically to reduce R & D costs, reduce research and development risk. Second Wholesale Jerseys From China , the government financial policies over the use of various financial instruments for innovative enterprises with a good financing environment. Furthermore, the Government of intellectual property policy through a variety of laws and regulations, protection of the beneficial interest of technological innovation, and promote the formation of the corresponding technical standards. Finally, the government industrial policy through the industry, macro policies to encourage technological innovation on its products, upgrading the industrial structure.

    The Introduction of Technological Innovation for Business Professionals

    Talent is the implementation of the most important factor in technological innovation. Today's market competition is no longer simply rely on brand value and fight to support. But on the technical content of the brand Wholesale Jerseys China , personality characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of quality, consumer satisfaction and a combination of factors such as integrity contest. The need for technological innovation that technology professionals and technology ove enterprise innovation ability is the primary task of training and human capacity to establish a scientific personnel innovation incentives. Enterprises to introduce or develop a variety of ways and create a keen sense of innovation, knowledge of technology, and management, professionalism and strong technology management expert personnel; to create a strong market development capabilities of marketing talent. Secondly, digestion and absorption of imported technology should be based on secondary development to enhance self development and innovation capacity to do a good job cutting edge research in important key technologies to drive innovative research and application technology develop. Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap NHL Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap Custom College Jerseys   Cheap College Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys 
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