output of the crushing equipment

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    December 27, 2019 9:46 PM EST

    Under the rapid development of the city, the construction of high-rise buildings is very hot. During the demolition of some old buildings, a large amount of construction waste will be generated. The brick slag contained in it is actually a renewable resource. After processing by the equipment, It can be turned into stones and reused in construction, highway, railway, bridge and other industries. Reasonable resource treatment will not only reduce environmental pollution, but also avoid waste of resources. Accumulation of construction waste pollutes the environment What equipment is used to crush brick slag into stones? The size of brick slag is inconsistent, the hardness of the material is moderate, and crushing equipment can be used to process materials of different specifications. According to the size of the finished product, it can be divided into coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher, medium and fine crushing equipment: impact crusher Or Mobile Rock Crusher Manufacturer , sand making equipment: sand making machine, etc. Users can choose according to the actual production situation. The recommended combination in this article is jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine. The following is the specific equipment introduction. Jaw Crusher: This is a more commonly used coarse crushing equipment on various production lines. It has a large crushing ratio, strong production capacity, simple structure, and efficient operation. It can process high-hardness and large-block materials for brick slag. Rough breaking is more appropriate.

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