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    February 13, 2020 3:57 PM EST

    The Story of “Mr. Superfecta”

    We call Kenny Chen “Mr. Superfecta” because he plays only the Superfecta, as well as hits it with alarming frequency at horse racing betting. Before taking up the main, let’s take a brief look at his personal history.

    He was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States in the 1990s with his mother and wife. After the sudden loss of his father to heart attack, His family and he wanted to start a new life away from the sorrow.

    The young man, in his late 20s, had majored in Business Administration at a university in Hong Kong, but he couldn’t find a job related to his major when he first came to the United States.

    His family and he decided to start up a garment manufacturing business as they had in Hong Kong. Finally, investing all their money, they set up a sewing factory, and opened a wholesale clothing store in downtown Los Angeles.

    They worked hard from early morning to late night to build up their business. Thanks to their efforts, business was growing well, and their new lives seemed successful.

    Then, one weekend, he visited a racetrack near their home with his mother Jennifer; it was Santa Anita Park. The beautiful environment and its surroundings amazed him. After hard working days, the exciting American thoroughbred racing invigorated him. Since then, horse racing became a haven of pleasure in his rough life as an immigrant.

    ‘Working for the weekend’ seemed like what he was doing every day in his new American life, working hard at the factory on weekdays and enjoying the picturesque race park with the majestic horses on weekend.

    One day, on an especially clear autumn weekend, he visited Santa Anita Park as usual. And, he was moved to admiration by the sapphire blue sky, the emerald green grass, the grand mountains, and the energetic sparkling fountain. He muttered, – half in prayer, half to himself – “God, may this be my work place!”

    Ten years later, he became a professional horseplayer. And now, he believes that he was able to take on the job title of his dream with God’s grace. At the same time, his business dropped rapidly because the products started to be imported widespread from China.

    Eventually, he had to shut down his factory. And then, only the professional horseplayer was able to be his job. He also thanked God for every blessing he had given him.

    Mr. Superfecta, Kenny, tells us to thank God for every blessing and strife. He believes that everything that happened before, and since his immigration has molded him into the person that he is.

    Also, Kenny is not resentful that his garment business had to be closed. Instead, he is always thankful because he could become a professional horseplayer due to it. Also, he is very proud of his occupation, and he speaks to his friends with confidence, “Horse racing betting is my business."

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