1mm aluminium sheet in stock

  • August 23, 2023 2:44 AM EDT
    1mm aluminium sheet in stock  Our History
    Chongqing Shijie Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd started its journey with the completion of its first production line in 2009锛宻tarting from coated aluminum and has gradually expanded its production range and entered different fields.
    In 2012, With the upgrade of production line, Shijie broadened its scope of alloy processing and started the production of aluminum for food and pharmaceuticals.
    In 2013, Shije became a qualified supplier of world famous brand automotive manufacturer , since then started the production of automotive materials.
    In 2015, Shijie has invested in a brand new sheet production line to make the architectural roofing system, as one of the most important pillar products till now.
    In 2019, Relying on the unremitting efforts of R&D department, Shijie has produced a specialized substrate for 4K HD projection, which is among the ranks of high-end home appliance materials manufacturing.
    In 2021, following the market demand, Shijie joined the army of aluminum home furniture production and developed a variety of aluminum home materials.
    Till now, Chongqing Shijie Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd already become a large modern aluminum processing enterprise that integrates processing, manufacturing, and scientific research. It primarily specialized in the production of mill finished aluminum coils Aluminum  & sheets, color coated/ embossed/corrugated aluminum coils & sheets, aluminum foil, aluminum circle, solid aluminum sheets, CTP plate stock, PS plate stock, deep-draw stock, alloy sheet and plate, etc. The annual output of shijie can reach more than 300,000MT, among which, 37% are exported to overseas.  
    Shijie still does not stop developing new products in new fields, and always holds the greatest enthusiasm in product technology and application expansion, pursuing higher quality products, better technology, and a broader world.

    Our Factory
    Shijie Aluminum has an integrated production and R&D base in Taojia Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, which covering an area of more than 200,000 square meters, with five production lines of roll coating, cross-cutting, slitting, embossing and embossing that have reached international advanced level, equipped with professional R&D, production and testing teams. It can carry out polyester color coating, fluorocarbon color coating, rust-proof aluminum baking coating, colored aluminum coil embossing, etc. it has certified by the ISO9001-2008 quality system and obtained the certification of China Association of Quality, has the domestic first-class aluminum sheet and strip deep processing capability.

    Our Product
    Our company is specialized in the production of mill finished aluminum coils & sheets, color coated/ embossed/corrugated aluminum coils & sheets, aluminum foil, aluminum circle, solid aluminum sheets, CTP plate stock, PS plate stock, deep-draw stock, alloy sheet and plate
    Product Application
    Shijie supplied aluminum products are widely applied in industries including automobile making, packaging and containers, buildings and decorations, electrical and electronic, transportation & vehicles, home appliance and furniture, and food and medical care, shipbuilding, printing, etc.  

    Production Equipment
    Slanting casting line, Tension leveling line, Quenching line,Levelling Machines, Cold Mill,Double face milling machine, roller coating line, cross-cutting Machine, slitting Machine, embossing line

    Production Market
    By virtue of the best product quality and perfect overseas services, Shijie's aluminum products have been exported to  United States,  United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, India, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, C么te d'Ivoire, Singapore, Tanzania, Canada, the Middle East and other countries and regions in the world, and won the award of Chongqing International E-commerce Demonstration Enterprises. 1mm aluminium sheet in stock
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