Penalty Shooters 2 - Top Football Games!

  • October 30, 2023 4:20 AM EDT


    penalty shooters 2 is a fun and exciting football game in which you will participate in confrontations on temple penalty points. You can choose from 360 teams from 12 different leagues, from the English Premier League to the German Bundesliga. You will have to play the role of both the penalty player and goalkeeper, and try to score more goals than the opponent. How to play Penalty Shooters 2 is simple and easy to understand. When you are a penalty shooter, you just click on the screen to select the angle, force and height of the shot. You should choose a clever angle to deceive the enemy goalkeeper. When you are the goalkeeper, you just click on the screen to select your flight direction. You should be able to judge the direction of the enemy player so that you can block the ball.

    Penalty Shooters 2 is a very exciting and hard-working game, as you won’t know the outcome until you have completed 5 rounds. You can play with the computer or with your friends to increase the challenge and fun. In addition, you can also track the ranking of the tournaments to see where your team stands. Penalty Shooters 2 is a game that not only entertains but also trains your observational, reflexive and tactical skills. Enjoy the game and share your results with me! Blush


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    October 31, 2023 4:05 AM EDT

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