Benefits of open source RMM software

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    June 14, 2024 9:25 AM EDT

    The primary advantage of outsourced RMM software is its cost-effectiveness compared to proprietary alternatives. You will save a tonne of money doing this, but you shouldn't forget the expense of customizing an open-source product to meet your requirements.


    The specific benefits include:


    community assistance

    The Open sourcing RMM source code is available to the public. This opens the door for code reviews, open criticism, knowledge sharing, and cooperative bug fixes.

    Shared community tools like Slack make this possible.


    Simple to recognize and resolve problems

    On the openly sourced code, code review scripts can be used to check for vulnerabilities or backdoor passwords. This enables you to apply bug fixes for enhanced software quality and security.



    The majority of RMM tools are long-standing. The user base is always evolving and improving the software. Consequently, you may rely on its stability.


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