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    안전놀이터 Reinforcement was needed to maintain the momentum now. First of all, there was a desperate need to recruit players for midfielders who had no suitable players other than Joao Mutinho and Huben Neves.

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    먹튀검증 The same was true of the defense situation. Wolverhampton, who uses three backs, was very short of players to use. If a center back is not added, defensive teamwork is likely to collapse in the second half

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    먹튀검증커뮤니티 Coach Bruno Raz also stressed in an interview that players should be recruited from two positions. However, Wolverhampton board members did not meet Raz's demands. There was no recruitment

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    안전놀이터 As soon as coach Raj wanted, he focused on investing for the future rather than a sense of power. First of all, Kawabe Hayao and Jung Sang-bin were recruited. Kawabe went on a lease to Grashofer

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    안전놀이터추천 He also renewed his contract with Hwang Hee-chan, who performed well in the first half. In addition, he kept Neves, which Manchester United and Arsenal were aiming for, and also took over as captain's

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