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Amazing Online Casino Promos Offered by QQ801run Malaysia

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    April 13, 2020

    In online gambling, taking part in a lot of promos that will benefit you is one of the best ways aside from winning in any games. If you are wondering where you can find all of these online casino promotions, join the best online casino betting website that offer a whole lot of exciting promos and bonuses for you. Check out the


    Amazing Online Casino Promos Offered by QQ801run Malaysia

    The QQ801run Malaysia online casino and betting website offers a lot of promos and bonuses to fully provide all of their members with the most satisfying online betting experience. They are known in offering a lot of different online casino features, their objective is to give satisfaction to all of their customers. Aside from many different kinds of online casino games to win in order to improve bankroll, there are also a way such as taking part in promotional events.

    The QQ801run online casino Malaysia is one of the best places that featured Exciting Online Casino Promos such as:

    The Free VIP Level for Loyal Members

    • First, after playing continuously for three months, Regular Members will be leveled up to “Bronze”

    • The continuous playing for 6 months, VIP members will be upgraded to another level

    • Level will be adjusted according to the data of the last three months in every early month

    About VIP Club:

    Each member has their privileges according to one’s VIP levels and with each level depends your bonuses as well as rebate commissions. All members are welcome to join the VIP Club to experience one of the most exciting promos being offered here at QQ801run online casino Malaysia.

    The Welcome Bonus 20%

    • With Max Bonus MYR 300 up to 10x

    • The game of Blackjack is not included in turn over promotion

    • The promo applies for all new members registered with MYR currency with the maximum bonus: MYR 350

    • The Requirement Turn Over is 10x and Deadline to fulfilled requirement Turn Over 8x is 30 days after participating in the said Promotion

    • The Max Bonus MYR 350 up to 24x, Withdraw Anytime

    • Promo applies to All New Members register with IDR, VND, THB and MYR currencies.

    • It also applies to all products Live Casino except Pay Tech

    • The Requirement Turn Over25x and Deadline to fulfilled requirement Turn Over 25x is 30 days after participating in the Promotion

    The Extra Bonus 100%

  • December 26, 2020

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