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Rubber Hot Air Oven-We Have The Best Machine

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    May 22, 2020

      These epdm extruder are feature gearbox with hollow output shaft for screw cooling though rotary joint.The marked difference lies in the combination of screw and barrel which depending on the application.The extruder gear pump systems are used in different types of extrusion applications.They are made in many different type and sizes to meet the production requirements for straining, extruding, tubing.

      Some of the materials that have proven to be difficult include natural rubber.Hot feed screw type extruders are heavy-duty machines built to suit individual needs. , slab production or contoured shapes.Whether you require a custom profile with a specialized compound.That enable us to design and build heads and screws in-house, that are fabricated by our team of highly skilled craftsmen.

      The additional cooling capacity will allow the rotary cutter to hold tighter tolerances on cut lengt.Additionally, we have an extensive track record in manufacturing lines for products that combine rubber extrusion and plastic extrusion.The rubber hot air oven require the extruder to have a special vacuum screw.