World of Warcraft subs fall 100k within three months

  • Editor's note The wow tbc gold original version stated that there were more one million users had tuned into the show from 180 countries. The correct number is 10 million. P2Pah regrets the mistake.

    World of Warcraft subs fall 100k within three months In a conference call following the announcement of earnings, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick declared that "significant and thrilling new content" will be being added into World of Warcraft . The details weren't disclosed. Blizzard entertainment has recently registered "Warlords of Draenor."

    The World of Warcraft subscriber figure was revealed in the Activision Blizzard's report on earnings for the quarter that ended September 30. The net revenue for the quarter totaled $657million, which is compared to $751 million in the previous year. In total, Activision Blizzard posted a profit of $56 million during the quarter, which is compared to the profit of $226 million in the previous year.

    World of Warcraft now has 7.6 million users, Activision Blizzard announced today it has a decrease of just 100,000 from the 7.7 million number announced in July. The drop in subscribers is lower than the prior quarter which saw player numbers drop between 8.3 million down to 7.7 million.

    Blizzard Tainment's MMO is still the most popular game with subscriptions in the market, Activision said. It's also among the few major subscription-based MMOs that are available while many of buy WOW TBC Classic Gold its competitors choose an open-to-play model rather than a fee-based business model.