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  • Degol Fung How to Change a Door knob ? Remove the Old Door knob Use a screwdriver to remove the existing knob from the interior side of the door. This will release the knob and allow you to pull the knobs off of both sides of the door. Remove the Latch Plate Remove the screws from the latch plate located on the inside edge of the door. This will allow you to pull the latch out. If you are also replacing the dead bolt, the process is the same. Replace With New Latch Plate Insert the new door knob latch on the inside edge of the door. The tapered side of the turning lock should be facing the strike plate on the door frame. Secure the new latch plate with the screws provided. Install New Knob and Spindle The exterior part of the knob will have a long spindle attached to it. Put this piece through the latch you just installed. The spindle will now show through to the other side of the door. Secure with plate and provided hardware on the interior side of the door. Attach Interior Knob and Complete The interior handle should easily slide over the spindle. Align the parts and secure in place. Our new knob had a hidden set screw which required a long Allen wrench, provided with the door knob, to tighten in place. Test the new doorknob to make sure everything is installed correctly. cupboard door knobs,b&q door knobs,door knob lock,antique door knobs,antique door knobs https :// www . degolhardware . com / Polished - Brass - Bedroom - Bathroom - Door - Knob - With - Lock - pd46071383 . html
    September 9