To keep the integrity of each player's

  • It turns out that there's an excellent reason for D2R Items this limitation. -21:9 breaks the game. Specifically, playing at an ultrawide aspect ratio makes it so that players are able to attack from more locations than the game was made to work for. Enemies targeted from the extended Ultrawide range monitors simply fail to recognize they are being targeted and , as a result, do not react.

    "To keep the integrity of each player's experience and create an equal playing field for everyone, those who have ultrawide monitors will be able to see their game's screen size extended to 19:9 (the maximum size of the zone of limitation in the game) with a vignette positioned on the sides of the game monitor," Blizzard wrote in an official forum post.

    "We acknowledge that players have paid a considerable amount in assembling their 21.9 hardware setups , and the dark bars can be extremely frustrating for them. So, we'll listen to these discussions and look into possible solutions that do not alter how the game is played."

    Blizzard has also clarified their reasons to remove TCP/IP support which was a feature that was included in the original version of Diablo. The feature was eliminated due to "enabling significant security issues" in the game.

    "We're aware that eliminating this feature creates a huge barrier for the talented modders from our community," Blizzard wrote. "Still it is our goal to make sure that our game's environment is as secure as buy diablo II resurrected items it can be for everyone who plays."