These events have set up lots of exciting

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    It could blend the 2 games with D2R Items the events from the MMORPG taking place simultaneously to Diablo 3's actions. This might become convoluted, however, and might need some light retconning to make it feasible.

    Diablo 3 represented some major plot points for the franchise that were important, such as Archangel Tyrael's banishment from the High Heavens, the search for the Black Soulstone, and the temporary resurrection of Diablo before he is killed in battle by Nephalem.

    These events have set up lots of exciting narrative possibilities for the forthcoming Diablo 4. which will feature the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto and the Mother of Sanctuary.

    Due to the ongoing conflict which have destroyed all realms and diminished the forces of that of High Heavens as well as the Burning Hells, Lilith's return to cause havoc and take back control could not come at a more perfect time for humanity. With the fate of Sanctuary in the hands of the players and players, it will be interesting to see how Diablo 4 adds to the ongoing Diablo story.

    Diablo 4 was originally supposed to be D2R Ladder Items Buy the flagship game to break through for Activision Blizzard on mobile phones however, the game has since come to be criticized and criticism for its aggressive monetization system.