The Best Vedic Astrologer in Delhi, India – Anima Astrologer

  • Dr. Anima Bhattacharyya is a notorious, best astrologer in Delhi, Vedic Astrologer, and Tarot Coach in India. She has further than 20 times of experience in the field of Occult Science and Astrology.

    Dr. Anima Bhattacharyya has worked on Nadi Nakshatra, Praveena position 1 & 2, and has also done the advanced astrology Course – Visharada position 1 & 2. She holds degrees in Post Visharada from ICAS. She has also done Nadi Classes Level 1 and 2 from Shri A.V. Sundaram.

    Her expansive exploration of Retrograde globes, Nakshatras, and Panchang is unparallel and estimable. She is enthusiastic about her work and happens to be an excellent schoolteacher, who would do all she needs, to guide her scholars to gain understanding and ultimately experience.

    Piecemeal from being a genuine astrologer in Delhi and an expert in Vedic Astrology, she is also a Tarot Coach, offering both introductory and advanced position courses in Tarot. Her courses in Astrology include Nakshatra, Prashna, Panchang, and other affiliated motifs.

    She also offers consultations in Prashna, Nakshatra, once-life analysis, and numerous further rudiments of Vedic divination. For the last many times, working in a transnational position has given her a better understanding of the impact of Vedic astrology all over the world.

    The courses she offers, are designed similarly to integrate the requirements and understanding of Indian and Western scholars likewise.

    She is presently devoted to passing on the catholicon of true Vedic astrology to the coming generation. She is spreading the good words of godly wisdom to keen scholars from all over the world.

    >>> Consult your problems with Dr. Anima Bhattacharyya Ji to get the solutions. She has seen the palms of the most celebrated actors, actresses, and cricketers. Now it is your turn. She is considered a famous astrologer in Delhi.