How To Deal With Your Birkenstocks

  • Birkenstock Clearance If you're walking down the street, you'll notice that almost every second person these days has a pair of Birkenstocks. Not only are they comfortable and trendy, but they're good for your feet! There can often be confusion though of how to care for them, so we're here to help. 

    Follow this advice on the way to take care of your shoes, to ensure you obtain the most break down of which!

    1. AVOID H2o

    Normal water can damage the cork and break up the adhesive/sealant. When your shoes get damp, free of moisture them slowly and from primary heat, in no way directly before a heater. In case the buckles are subjected to sodium h2o, rinse off these to avoid rust.

    We also have a variety of waterproof Birkenstocks from the EVA range, such as the Honolulu, Barbados, Arizona and Gizeh styles, which can be found here.

    2. Steer clear of EXTREME Temperature

    Exposure to focused heat can damage your Birkenstocks. Steer clear of departing them in sunlight or in the car on warm time while keeping them away from heaters and fireplaces.


    Birkenstock footbeds are made of layers of jute and cork taken care of in a suede liner, and they’re made to take in moisture content from your feet. Airing the footbeds stops the create-up of odours a result of excess humidity.


    There is certainly diverse cleaning suggestions depending on the sort of upper your style of Birkenstock is made of.

    Make sure you keep in mind that any cleaning or therapy can transform the design and complete of your materials.

    BIRKO FLOR – Simply wash thoroughly clean using a humid fabric. Carefully use a modest amount of soap and water to remove obstinate spots.

    BIRKO FLOR NUBUCK – To clean up, remember to brush lightly by using a suede clean or perhaps an outdated toothbrush. We promote the Waproo Suede Nubuck Nylon Brush.

    Clean LEATHER – Use a leather product for example the El Naturalista Seacream, to take out scuff markings while keeping the leather supple.

    OILED LEATHER – Utilize a suede remember to brush, or even to remove spots, use a nubuck eraser block. We market the Waproo Suede Nubuck Washing Obstruct. To revive/keep up with the shade, apply a colourless leather conditioner.

    PATENT LEATHER – To completely clean, remove by using a humid soft cloth.

    SUEDE LEATHER – To safeguard, apply a waterproofing apply, and use a suede brush to release the debris to clean and repair the snooze.

    NUBUCK LEATHER – To wash, use a nubuck eraser prohibit or even a suede remember to brush to loosen the soil and recover the rest. To protect, apply a waterproofing squirt.

    WOOL FELT – Gently clean with a plastic-type bristle suede clean or perhaps older toothbrush.

    MICROFIBRE – Clean lightly using a plastic bristle suede brush or perhaps an older tooth brush.

    POLYURETHANE – Rinse with gentle soap and water.

    EVA – Clean with moderate soapy water.