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    For example, if an expat resident has a inexperienced reputation at the Iqama, it manner their business enterprise or corporation has a wide variety of options available to them concerning visa processing for foreign workers.IQAMA CHECK ONLINE

    Among others, a inexperienced Iqama repute permits a organisation to resume its worker’s Iqama on their behalf. Additionally, the overseas expat’s sponsorship can also be transferred to every other organisation, which means that that those with the green repute can extra effortlessly pass to other organizations in comparison to people with a red status.IQAMA CHECK ONLINE

    If you’d like to check your Iqama’s purple-green reputation, you may without problems accomplish that via going to the Ministry of Labour’s Iqama portal.

    Iqama test via border wide variety
    You can also check your Iqama popularity the use of your border range. You could first need to go to the Ministry of Labour’s Iqama portal. IQAMA CHECK ONLINE


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