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15 Positive Words You Need To Know

  • There are some people who believe that it's unnecessary to use positive words. However, studies have found that positivity has a powerful impact on our health and well-being. Positive words can:

    • Help us to feel better.
    • Connect us with others.
    • Increase productivity at work.
    • Improve our relationships with ourselves and others.
    • Boost our self-esteem and self-confidence.

    These are 15 most common positive words you should start using today.

    1. Adorable - cute, pretty, darling, lovely, lovely

    2. Amazing - terrific, great, superb, marvelous, awesome, fantastic

    3. Attractive - beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, stunningly beautiful

    4. Beauteous - magnificent, truly amazing, breathtakingly beautiful

    5. Blessed - happy, fortunate, joyful, blessed.

    6. Awesome - an example of something or someone that is great.

    7. Fantastic - a positive adjective used to describe something that is wonderful in every way or very good.

    8. Fabulous - an adjective used to describe something that is incredible, extraordinary, or extremely good in quality or condition; excellent example of its kind.

    9. Great - an adjective used to describe something that is very good or excellent in quality or condition; very exceptional example of its kind.

    10. Marvelous - an adjective used to describe something that is extremely impressive, extraordinary, or spectacular in quality or condition; incredibly good example of its kind.

    11. Aloof: to be estranged or remote from another person

    12. Bothered: to be troubled about something and want to do something about it

    13. Debilitated: to be made weak or feeble

    14. Flabbergasted: unable to absorb a shock or situation

    15. Indolent: lazy and inactivity 6. Inert: inactive, unresponsive or unimpressive

    Remember that it is important to use positive words to describe things, people, and events. You can do this by using phrases like 'bitter-sweet', 'vividly-colorful', 'holistically-designed', or 'immensely-deep'. These expressions have the meaning of 'very good' or 'exceptionally good' and are positive words that you can use in your writing.

    Fancy some other words that start with s that are positive? If so, there are so many sources and positive word researches online to find your favorite positive word.