Employee Recognition Training for Managers

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    Unlock the potential of your team with our employee recognition training for managers. Discover effective strategies to acknowledge and empower your employees, fostering a culture of motivation and engagement. Visit our website to learn more.

    When you were little, remember the teacher saying, “Good Job!” And remember how you felt when your test came back with a BIG GOLD STAR? WOW!

    Recognition! It’s one of the most powerful motivators we have.

    What about employees who aren’t top performers?

    Why are there are people with no ‘goodies’ hanging on their walls? Is it because they don’t like clutter? Not likely! Or is it because they rarely — if ever — win recognition? Some employees may want to be successful but are struggling, and others may have struggled so long they have simply ‘given up’. Still others may be so discouraged and unhappy that they’ve turned into troublemakers — with these employees, recognition programs may even have backfired and are de-motivating.

    Employee Recognition Training for Managers

    You say, “But wait a minute, the reason they have no awards is because they aren’t doing well. I’m not going to recognize someone for that! Plus, that wouldn’t be fair to the top performers.” Of course it’s important to recognize the top 10%, but isn’t it the other 90% who really need the most motivating?

    Finding a recognition program that will motivate everyone can unlock huge potential in employees, and make a difference not only in your organization, but also in the lives of the employees.

    I learned a lot about the power of recognition from my high school English teacher. One day she was passing back our graded essays when she held up one student’s paper. She told the class that if we wanted to read an excellent essay, we should read this paper. The teacher went on to tell this student that she should seriously consider a career in writing. Now that is powerful!

    Employee Recognition Training for Managers

    An authority figure like a teacher can move mountains in a person’s life by recognizing them in front of their peers. I know — that student was a friend of mine and that experience was a pivotal moment, starting her toward a successful writing career. (Perhaps you’ve read “Harry Potter”…just kidding!)

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