“Fixer” Mario D. Bellissimo Fixed broken Immigrant Applications

  • After 9/11, US President George W. Bush changed immigration laws which would affect each immigrant life. Millions got deported and lost their homes, as well as whatever money they were making for themselves to live, and sent back home to their families. Their livelihoods were all destroyed. President Obama had more deportations than Bush in the era of his presidency, but Democrats always continue to blame Republicans for their own sins.

    9/11 changed every immigrant's life, as you can imagine. But the worst was yet to come. In came the business plans of immigration lawyers whose tactics included purposely causing setbacks in filing so they can make more money after the application is refused, yes this did happen from Micheal H. Niren & Associates also aka Visaplace LLC.

    That was Micheal H. Niren of Visaplace LLC’s business plan. We immigrants were not well educated enough to know this at the time, but these immigration lawyers manipulate the application requirements so that the refusals are genuine. They don't want to give you the correct requirements. Instead, they want your application to be refused so they can offer you more “help” with legal work for more and more expensive fees. sunocolp

    How Bellissimo Cheated Me Out Of $6500 To “Fix” My Broken Application which his best friend Micheal H. Niren Visaplace LLC Caused the refusal

    A big player in Niren’s scheme was his fixer and best friend, Mario D. Bellissimo. I hired Bellissimo not knowing Mario is Niren’s best friend to fix my wife’s immigration application after I terminated my relationship with Niren. Mario D. Bellissimo at Bellissimo Law Group failed to disclose his relationship and his association with Niren back in April 2018 in paid consultation before being retained, Bellissimo forgot to advice client his association with another Michael H. Niren who caused the most difficult suffering in my life .

    Bellissimo's premium was $6,500 to fix the refusal of an application which Niren caused purposely. Believe me, this $6,500 is a lot of money for a disabled immigrant, but I needed their help to be reunited with my wife. In the end, the application was not fixed, and I was robbed of yet more money. I believe that ultimately this was a money-making scheme between Niren and Bellissimo.

    Both Bellissimo and Niren are untrustworthy, greedy, and conniving. I want the world to know that they mistreated me, robbed me, and made the separation from my wife even longer.


    Sunocolp.ca raising awareness to immigrants and the public from these incompetent lawyers who exploit and traumatized immigrant families for their own financial gain. Canada immigration lawyer Michael H. Niren and his law firm Visaplace LLC is one of them who take advantage of people and play on their feelings.