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nba 2k17 mt Horford big upgrade on the defensive


    Defence is the key to the Boston Celtics in the past two seasons to achieve success, but also nba 2k17 mt Celtics guard Avery - Bradley do best. Speaking recently in new aid nba 2k17 mt Al - Horford when joined, Bradley also three sentences separated line of work, he said that the arrival of the Green Army Horford great defensive help, he is very happy to have such a team guarding the area.
    . "I think he can help us really busy," Bradley said, "There is such a guy standing behind me - I do not mean former team-mates not good, but Al has excellent nba 2k17 mt leadership and experience, he was in the past years have made the playoffs. he knows how to be a good defender. I am very happy that he can stand behind me, help me defend the group of the best NBA players . "

    Celtics last season ranked sixth in the East, but their record and the eastern third flat Miami (48 wins). Bradley believes that Horford has the green jersey Army became the league's top defensive teams.

    "I think we are promising. I hope we can be nba 2k17 mt Defensive first or the second best team, if we concentrate on every game and do the best defensive team that, then I think we can not only win the game, but also to achieve higher goals. " Bradley said the team has to adjust to join the new aid but more needs stability, and stability is the key to their success.

    "We want as stable as possible, this is the most important for you to see whatever the period before the 3rd league team, they are known for stable and Doug - Rivers coach to coach our team when we are to be among the top three teams in the league reason it is stable. so to want to be first or second, (Click + back to back in those games we have to be stable, while the defense is the key. to let become defensive attack machine. " 50 wins last season, a stone's throw away from the Celtics next season, bear the high expectations of the outside world, as to whether they can go further in the east threaten James and his Cavaliers, depends Bradley emphasized defense can do.